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Eco-Idiot. Shut your mouf.

I saw some girls post that said she was an eco-terrorist, because she tried organic shampoo and hated it. Now she refuses to use organic products, and she doesnt care if it harms the environment… uhmm… ? are you dumb.

Oh, and she stated that only ugly people, or people who want to ruin their hair should use organic products. HA….  

Dear genius.

An Eco Terrorist is someone who supports and fights for environmental, and ecological issues by commiting “crimes” towards companies and people that they think are causing major harm to the environment…

Which is the complete opposite of you.
So you are not an eco-terrorist, my dear.
I believe that post, makes you an Eco-idiot…

Oh, and PS. Organic shampoos might not work with your chemically treated, dyed, and processed hair…
But, they work really well for other people..
People who are probably more naturally beautiful than you to begin with.

K thanks. That’s all.
Love, ciara.

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